Jeffrey Wimmer

Title of the presentation:
The multiple meanings of digital games. A workshop on the theoretical as well as on the methodological challenges.

Short abstract of the presentation:
n the face of an increasing convergence, digital games by far extend media and genre boundaries. It has to be stressed that digital games can be generally understood as a complex communication phenomenon. Hence, although digital games can be researched by their own rights, but they also demand to be understood as part of a massive process of change. This process leads to changing media and communication forms (or better known as the processes of mediatization and individualization of society). The specific aim of the workshop is therefore twofold. In a first step we discuss critically the potential of several methods and previous research projects to analyse the social meaning of digital games. Building on that we will develop a research project focussing on the question whether online games have the potential to become our new public spheres.

Short biography:
Dr. Jeffrey Wimmer, *1972, is currently lecturer and postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute of Media, Communication & Information (IMKI), University of Bremen (Germany). Since 2005 member of the network “integrative theories in communication science” promoted by the German research foundation (DFG). He studied sociology, psychology, and political economy. 1999 he gained a Diploma in ‘Social Sciences’ (University Erlangen-Nuernberg) on the topic of the social change of Indian cities and its relationship with the computer industry in India. 2006 he gained his PhD on the topic of the modern public sphere. Primary research interests: sociology of media communication, digital games, international and global communication, theories of public and counter-public spheres. Several English and German publications on public and counterpublic spheres, digital games, and international communication.