Burcu Sümer

Title of the presentation:
Connecting your research material to theories

Short abstract of the presentation:
This workshop aims at enabling doctoral students design the literature review section of their dissertation in a most effective way. In this workshop, the use/purpose of the literature review and its components will be thoroughly evaluated.

Short biography:
Burcu Sümer is an assistant professor at Faculty of Communication, Ankara University, Turkey. She holds an M.A. in Media Studies from the same university and an M.Sc. in Gender and Women's Studies from Middle East Technical University. In 2007, she completed her PhD at University of Westminster, Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI), UK. Dr. Sümer specializes in research on globalization and media regulation, broadcast journalism, broadcasting law and policy in Turkey, Europeanization of audio-visual policy in the EU. She has contributed to various research projects on ethical journalism, broadcasting policy and independence of broadcast regulatory bodies in Europe. She published a variety of articles in books and journals and her recent book The Impact of Europeanisation on Policy-making in Turkey: Controversies, Uncertainties and Misfits in Broadcasting Policy, 1999-2009 looks into what extent Europeanization had an affect on the areas of media ownership regulation, regulation of content, public service broadcasting and minority language programming in Turkey. Dr. Sümer is also a co-editor of Interactions: Studies in Communications & Culture (Intellect) and Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication (Brill). AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Policy analysis, political economy of media, EU broadcasting policy, social theory and media, research methods in media studies.