Risto Kunelius

Title of the presentation:

Theories of power and studying the media

Short abstract of the presentation:

The lecture looks – through one research project – at the how to design a project, how to combine theory to evidence and how to (most importantly) find a voice with which to report results and take part in public discussion. The project in question (and thus some of the substance of the lecture) looks at media and power, or mediatisation of decision making.

Short biography:

Risto Kunelius (D.Soc.Sc.) is professor of journalism at University of Tampere and the Director of the School Humanities and Social Sciences. His earlier work has focused on textual analysis and narrative theory in journalism, on journalism and the public, and on transnational media events. Currently he is working on the global reporting of climate change politics. Areas of expertise: Journalism, media theory, media history