Maria Gutiérrez

Title of the presentation:

A Research on the Young Radio Audience

Short abstract of the presentation:

In 2008, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) proposed some guidelines to the radio operators in order to activate the recovery of younger listeners, after observing that this medium’s penetration among the youngest sectors was in decline. According to the report, the key was to join forces with the Internet, which represents the main cause of disinterest for the radio among this population’s sector, especially for music radio. In this regard, the guidelines’ main focus is the online environment, recommending the promotion of their websites or increasing the interactivity, for example. However, in a digital context following these precepts might not be enough to face the young people’s loss of interest in the radio. Understanding and interpreting this disaffection towards this medium requires the use of methodological research tools—including the quantitative data offered by the audience measurement companies—that analyse the consumption habits and the expectations produced by the radio on young people.
In this lecture, the methodological tool designed to deal with this communicative issue will be studied in depth. Furthermore, some of the most significant results that confirm the need of a new approach for the study of audiences will be introduced.