Lectures at SuSo12

David Deacon The challenges and benefits of historical comparison for media, cultural and communication research
Nico Carpentier From meta-theory to analysis. A case for discourse theoretical analysis (DTA)
Burcu Sümer Connecting your research material to theories
Heiner Stahl Music Politics, Sound and Public and Private Broadcasting. Mapping out the main Lines of Connection.
Michael Bruun Andersen Index theory and the limit of mediatization
Fausto Colombo Trust and power. A Foucaultian perspective on trust and interactive media
Manuel Parés i Maicas The historicalmemory and the communication
Richard Kilborn The art of interviewing
Bart Cammaerts Mediation and Resistance: An Overview
Bertrand Cabedoche Between technological determinism & social determinism: research wroks in inf. and comm. science in France on "Arab revolutions"
Hannu Nieminen Theories of the Public Sphere and their critique
Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt How to teach interactively in large classrooms
Ilija T. Tomanic Evaluation workshop
Risto Kunelius Theories of power and studying the media
Anastasia Kavada Studying web 2.0 platforms: theoretical shifts and methodological approaches
Aukse Balcytiene Media and communication research in CEE countries
François Heinderyckx Oral presentation skills
Tobias Olsson Applying for Research Funding - Some Tricks of the Trade
Irena Reifova Communist popular culture – ideological analysis of television serial fiction
Ebba Sundin Cultural identity in local, national and global perspectives
Slavko Splichal Research Paradigms in Media Studies: Conceptual Distinctions or Divisions?
Stefanie Averbeck-Lietz Facing global communication and media change in different research communities in European Communication Studies
Helle Sjøvaag The Meaning of Journalistic Ideology