Lectures at SuSo10

Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt Action research – how to study participatory interaction and change it at the same time
Irena Reifova Communist popular culture – ideological analysis of television serial fiction
Hannu Nieminen The public sphere and social networks: transnational tensions
François Heinderyckx Oral presentation skills workshop
Bertrand Cabedoche Evolutiuons of UNESCO's Debates on Communication since the MacBride Report
Manuel Parés i Maicas Citizenship and Political Communication
Michael Bruun Andersen The Representation of Representation: Concepts of Representation and the Representational System of Television News
Ebba Sundin Action research in journalism
Tobias Olsson What's so 'social' about social media? Critical reflections on the emerging media ecology of participation
Bart Cammaerts Having a Laugh? Activism, Mediation and Protest Tactics
Nico Carpentier Deploying Discourse Theory in Media Studies
Andreas Hepp Mediatized worlds and media research: Non-mediacentric media studies as a challenge
Fausto Colombo How to teach using blogging
Risto Kunelius Theories of power and studying the media
Anastasia Kavada Developing research on web 2.0 platforms
Denis McQuail The future of communication studies
Richard Kilborn Archaeology or Alchemy? The Use of Archive Material in Contemporary Documentary
Ilija T. Tomanic E-learning workshop
Kees Brants Potentials and Pitfalls of Comparative Research
Maria Heller The structure of the public sphere at the time of new ICTs
Beybin Kejanlioglu Theory Matters
Andrej Škerlep Student workshop respondent
Breda Luthar Student workshop respondent
Heiner Stahl Getting the Sound of Radio out of the Archive. European Broadcasting History in a Transnational Perspective
Hanno Hardt The future of communication studies
Annette Hill Made to Measure: interdisciplinary approaches to the study of media audiences
Tanja Oblak Črnič No abstract :(