Guylaine Gueraud-Pinet

Guylaine Gueraud-Pinet

Participant in 2015
Work history Sept-14; June 15 :
- Lecturer in a course of "Culture and Communication" (Option for 1st and 2nd year of social sciences or foreign languages)
- Teacher in a course of "Research Methodology" (3rd year of an infomation-communication Degree)

Sept-12; June-13 : Monitor in the academic library "Yves De La Haye",
Study history Since Oct-13 : Preparation of a Ph.D. Thesis in Communication and Information Sciences in the University of Grenoble, under the direction of Benoit Lafon.
"Analyzing circulation of music in the French audiovisual landscape : the case of preexisting music in TV shows"

2011-2013 : Master's degree in Research and Studies in Information and Communication Sciences, University of Grenoble 3.

2011 : Degree in Information and Communication Sciences, University of Grenoble 3.

2009-2011 : Degree in Applied Foreign Languages (English, Spanish)

2006-2007 : Economics and Social Sciences Baccalaureate

Phd Projects


Analyzing circulation of music within the audiovisual landscape: the case of preexisting music in French TV shows

Since the 2003 Compact Disc crisis in France, promoting strategies are multiplying in the music sector. Preexisting music are more and more used in advertisements (Magis, 2013), public places (Rouzé, 2004) and TV programs. The main aim of my Ph.D project is to understand the different stakes (sociocultural, economical and legal) coming from the links between the TV soundtracks making of nonfictional TV shows and the use of preexisting songs through an analyze of the circulation of music.

This project is a continuation of researches from the field of the Cultural Industries. First, the transformations observed in the two sectors concerned, the recorded music industry and the French audiovisual sector, are discussing in order to highlight mutations or connexions between them.
Second, in order to approach the circulation of music and its stakes, the concept of “informationnalisation” (Miège, 1999) is called up to show that the digitalization of music could accelerate its circulation and its production which could result important changes in its use in TV shows. To answer these first questionings a quantitative content analysis of TV programs is used to highlight the percentage of usage of preexisting music at the current period (2006-2015). This first analysis will be compared to others from defined periods (1949, the first vinyl record in France, to 2006, DADVSI law). With these statistic datas, a first view of the evolution of the use of preexisting music in French TV Programs could be done.

Moreover, the symbolic linked to music is studied. Indeed, music is a necessary component of the everyday life of viewers and so that its use in the audiovisual writings could permit to attract them by a “power of memory” provided by the preexisting music. To confirm this hypothesis, I’ll try to note how music is used in writings terms through a qualitative content analysis. Moreover, I’ll search whether music have been already used in others audiovisual productions, as movies or series. What I want to show here, is that an audiovisual “songscape” (in reference to the different “scapes” formulated by A. Appadurai in 2005) could exist. TV soundtrack makers could draw on these references to enhance their productions.

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