Lynne Hibberd

Lynne Hibberd

  • Stirling University
Participant in 2006

Phd Projects


Creativity: policy and practice. A study of film and TV in Scotland.

The study will research how the concept and practice of creativity in Scotland has been affected by UK government policy. It will analyze creative industries policy since New Labour’s coming to power in 1997. It will document where ideas about cultural creativity and its economic significance have come from and investigate how policy debate was shaped. The research will also investigate the connections between the UK and Scottish levels of creative industries policy. The project will use two case studies to explore the impact of policy on creative practice, examining BBC Scotland and the moving image agency Scottish Screen. These case studies have been chosen in order to examine how devolution affects policy and practice. The project will assess the post-devolution role of BBC Scotland’s development for the Scottish creative economy, in particular the growth of investment in program production and the thinking that lies behind this. It will be sensitive to the current review of the BBC’s royal charter and debate about public service broadcasting. The project will also address the role of Scottish Screen as a devolved agency and the impact that national lottery funding and other support schemes have on the Scottish film and television industries. The research will be aware of the wider national context in Scotland and in particular of the recommendations of the Cultural Commission and the Scottish Executive’s cultural policy framework.

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