Richard Kpabi

Richard Kpabi

  • University of Westminster
Participant in 2006

Phd Projects


Mediated Experience and Diaspora Identity

The centripetal forces of globalization are increasingly drawing into orbit people groups and their economies and cultures, in a global integration with its concomitant intermixtures, imbalances, and dialectical processes. Tendencies towards homogenization are countered by those of resistance and syncretization. The intensification of global interconnectedness is producing new forms of diasporas as people gravitate towards the centers of economic activity. This theme assumes added significance in the aftermath of the Madrid train bomb attacks, the 7/7 (2004) bomb blasts in London, and the (2004) Birmingham race riots between Black and Asian communities, which are bound to focus attention on diasporic communities and issues related to identity, integration, the future of the multicultural society project, nationality, and culture. This study focuses on a typical post-colonial modern diaspora in London as it is redefined and constructed in new contexts of local and global dimensions. London sets the scene for it because it is multicultural in character, it is one of the nodal points of the international economy and it constitutes a space in which the attempts to articulate a global culture are cited. The study is also one of spatial encounters; television as a window on the world of ideas and images, provides the provocative spaces that intersect with the diaspora space inhabited by Ghanaian Londoners on the demographic and cultural landscape of London. The intersection of screen cultures and cross-cultural diasporic experiences of this community, would provide useful perspectives and perceptions of cultures in close proximity and interaction, and generate comparative and contrastive reflections across the generational divide.

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