Otim Lucima

Otim Lucima

Participant in 2007

Phd Projects


The Role of the Internet in Politicised Elite Diaspora: The Case of Uganda

The research project explores the politics of deterritorialised identities in transnational landscapes through collaborative use of list groups. This study examines the deposition and flight of the elite Ugandan diaspora from denial of state power, domination and control. The study seeks to trace these dispersals of the Ugandan diaspora through waves of internecine political conflicts. It then seeks to probe how Ugandan diaspora have settled in global cities in Scandinavia, North America and the UK, and how they appropriate the internet to recreate their severed socio-political bonds and weave on-offline transnational connections. The study seeks to establish how these networks of transnational connections construct a deliberative interface and establish re-connection with homeland politics. This research seeks to analyse this local-global dialectic through case studies of Acholinet and Acoliforum, which are key Ugandan diaspora e-mail discussion forums. As products of layered and complex socio-political migration, the predominant discourses of the Ugandans in the diaspora are competing subnational voices, rooted in active socio-political nostalgia such as the ongoing war in northern Uganda and the search for a negotiated settlement. It is this complex disjunctive political relationship between Ugandans in the diaspora and the Uganda nation-state which this study seeks to investigate through an integrative understanding of mediated diasporic politics.

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