Tamas Bodoky

Tamas Bodoky

  • Eötvös Loránd (Budapest)
  • Institute of Sociology
Participant in 2008

Phd Projects


Internet news portal as mass media

In my dissertation, the internet news portal is defined as a type of mass media. I review the development of two Hungarian market leading news portals (Index.hu and [origo]) that are already competing with the most popular printed newspapers. Business and legal aspects of the operation will be covered and the extremely high growth rate will be demonstrated with statistical data. I will compare the American and Hungarian models in the evolution of news portals: The main American portals are typically connected to big television broadcasters; the two successful and really significant Hungarian portals do not have traditional media connection. In the empirical research I will analyze how internet news services changed the news and media consumption of regular internet users. Representative surveys indicate the primary role of television as news and information source, while the internet comes on the second place. At the same time there is a market segment where online news consumption increases at the expense of traditional media (television, radio, print) and already exceeds television. I will identify this market segment among the Hungarian news and media consumers with online survey in my dissertation. The media consumption habits of these people will be analyzed by statistical techniques and online focus groups. I will also study the impact of civil content and the diffusion of weblogs on professional news production. Diffusion of user generated content and the change from passive reception to active content production in certain online audience segments will be also part of the analysis. In market economies – also in Hungary – institutional media do not compete with amateurs any more, as civil content is already integral part of the news portals. In the empirical part I will analyse the type and the significance of news content produced and publisher by citizens. A case study will be developed about one of the most popular user generated content types, electronic news and campaign folklore that enter into the news of mass media.

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