Céline Battaïa

Céline Battaïa

Participant in 2010

Phd Projects


New Information Practices: The Case of Health Forums

Spurred by new technologies, Health Information (HI has undergone significant changes including increasing production instances and information circulation. This information, previously scientific, becomes available to the general public. The Net user becomes both the producer and consumer of information. With Web 2.0 and its tools, patients and Internetusers are more informed. These open sources on the Internet, originally intended for professionals, were taken over by patients for their own medical uses. Many studies investigating asynchronous exchanges are analysed in forums in terms of conversational and interactional analysis. However, there are few works focused on health information in these new devices. Forums are places where information exchange is a collective construct shaped by the accumulation of interventions and by the pooling of individual contributions according to a logical close dialogue and conversation. They differ from other information sources. The emotional charge is very high, so it is not only medical information that people are seeking, although it is a large part of the exchanges. It is important to note that in the forums, false information can be circulated either intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, we may wonder whether emotions condition the trust in information retrieval. In other words, what are the reasons that lead a user to seek HI on these forums? Are credibility and reliability necessary for advanced information retrieval? This work focuses on the cooperation in information retrieval in a collaborative human environment through a device called the Health forum.

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