andreas lenander aegidius

andreas lenander aegidius

  • University of Southern Denmark
  • Dept for the study of culture
Participant in 2014
Work history 2017- External Lecturer/Research Assistant at Dept. for the Study of Culture – Media Studies, at the University of Southern Denmark
Teaching Media Theory and -analysis Courses I and II, elective course Introducing Sound Studies and Digital Sound Production

2012-2013 External lecturer at Media Studies at the University of Southern Denmark
Teaching media theory and –analysis courses I and II

2012-2013 Part-time teacher at Svendborg Technology College
Teaching Danish and communication/IT

2011-2012 Administrator and webmaster at International Medical Cooperation Committee, the Uland division in Denmark (contractual positions of trust):
Work of the society and the board, recruiting new project administrators, maintaining the society’s website and IT.

2010-2011 Project administrator, Team leader and Head of IT in Bolivia for a development project for the International Medical Cooperation Committee:
Stationed in a small mountain village for 14 months. Daily project management in multilingual workspace. Supervision of project activities e.g. intercultural health in the focus area. Administrative work and representative visits to the embassy and ministries.

2009-2010 Project coordinator at The House of Students in Odense:
Responsible for professional events, networking with other student houses, contacting potential corporate sponsors, sparring with the board, developing promotional material.

2006-2010 Chairman of Odense Music Studios and Practice Rooms Association
Vice-chairman of the music society Kansas City (voluntary positions of trust):
Work of the board, maintenance of 40 music studios and rehearsal rooms, nurturing the local music scene, strategic cooperation with other local civic and arts centres.

2007 (Oct.) Guest teacher in a rap/hip-hop project at the youth section of the State Prison in Ringe, Denmark - 47 lessons of basic digital music production and lyrics production
Study history 2013-2017 PhD student at the Dept. for the Study of Culture – Media, at the University of Southern Denmark
2007-2010 Master of the Arts (MA) in Media Studies at the University of Southern Denmark
Elective courses: 1. Learning and Media, 2. Media communication and social semiotics
2003-2006 Bachelor in Literature studies at the University of Southern Denmark
Minor subject: Innovation, Cognition and Cultural meanings.

Languages: English (A), German (B), Spanish (B)

Phd Projects


Handling immaterial music formats in the cross-field between downloading and streaming

My PhD project is a qualitative study of the everyday uses of immaterial music formats, mainly compressed audio files and audio streams.
Overall research question: How do young Danish users, professional creators and distributors of music handle immaterial music formats in the cross-field between downloading and streaming?
Answers to my research question are based on the following three core concerns:
1. Technical understanding of the format – from platform (pc, smartphone etc.) through software (iTunes, Spotify etc.) on to digital files (mp3, flac etc.)
• E.g. what do the three groups of users use and why?
2. Perceived sound quality of the user interface
• E.g. what meaning does sound quality have for the three groups’ uses of music files and streaming?
3. The potentials of music formats (affordances and multimodality) in everyday uses
• E.g. how does music files and streaming function for the three groups?

The theoretical basis takes its starting point in the recent interdisciplinary field of sound studies along with an emphasis on sociocultural media studies. My main theoretical focus will be on format theory and taking my inspiration from the American professor Johathan Sterne’s recent book about the mp3 format (Sterne 2012), along with Danish professor Niels Ole Finnemann’s internet theory (Finnemann 2005). Mobile studies, mobile music studies and internet studies will figure prominently in my interdisciplinary approach.

Empirical data for the project will be gathered in Denmark and will consist of individual interviews with thirty respondents in three groups to allow for a qualitative triangulation: sixteen high-school students, ten professional musicians and key managers at four international companies distributing music to the Danish market by offering downloads or streaming services: Apples iTunes, TDC Play, Spotify and Wimp.

The project aim to offer a sociocultural and qualitative contribution to the burgeoning understanding of the influence of ubiquitous mobile units and music formats on music use. My approach is motivated by the high penetration of downloading and streaming behaviours among Danish media users and the scarcity of sound empirical evidence of what this entails in an empirical as well as a theoretical sense.


Dissertation title The use of music files at the intersection between downloading and streaming practices
Year of defence 2017

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