Ana Castillo

Ana Castillo

  • Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Journalism and Communication Sciences
Participant in 2011

Phd Projects


User practices on Social Networking Sites. Audiovisual Fiction on Facebook.

This work aims to analyse user practices in Chile and Spain through the observation, use, appropriation and creation of audiovisual content (TV shows and web-series) on Social Networking Sites such as Facebook. This will be achieved by: - Identifying a theoretical framework to create categories for the development of behavioural variables that shape the practices of users of online social networks in Spain and Chile. - Describing the forms of consumption, use and appropriation of audiovisual fiction content as an object of exchange on Online Social Networks by analysing the practices of Facebook users in Chile and Spain. - Comparing the practices and forms of appropriation of content among Spanish and Chilean users. - Analysing the influence of online social networks on the consolidation of migration between screens (from the conventional TV to the Network). The methodology for this thesis will be the construction of a theoretical framework to create categories for the concrete object of study and then the construction of variables on which the questionnaires and interviews are based. Those are the main instruments for the analysis. The whole process of development and implementation of the questionnaire was carried out using tools available on the Web. First we selected a platform for the distribution of the questionnaire and an Online Social Network for the collection of adequate information. Facebook was chosen because of the sheer number of users across the world,.In addition, specifically in Spain, Facebook attracts users who are 20 years old and over, mainly because younger people prefer Tuenti, a platform of Spanish origin which is very popular among teenagers. This also allows us to place the research in a context that is more limited and precise. The distribution tool of choice was Google Documents, and specifically Spreadsheet, which has the ability to integrate the development and implementation of a questionnaire (offering different formats and ways of sharing it) with the automatic collection of results. A spreadsheet can be exported to Excel, SPSS or other applications for the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. The conceptual framework moves from computermediated communication theories (Baym, 2010, 2001; Turkle, 1984, 1997, Gómez, 2007), through identity and relationship issues in Social Networking Sites (Baym, 2010; Gergen, 1992, 2009) and the convergence between television and the internet, through user practices with audiovisual fiction as an exchange object in Social Networking Sites.

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