Summer School Grants

In 2015, the summer school will provide travel grants for participants that can be awarded either to students from consortium member institutions as well as students from non-consortium universities.
The grants include a full or partial travel refund: students receive full travel refund (that cannot exceed the maximum travel reimbursement for their respecitive country of origin. The list of maximum travel reimbursements can be accessed here:
Rules of eligibility for Individual Grant:
1. The student has been accepted to participate in the summer school and has submitted the 10-page paper by May 25.
2. The student has sent in a 2 paragraph application letter explaining why the grant should be awarded to her/him (MS Word or PDF document).
3. The student has sent in a letter of recommendation (max. 1 DIN A4) from the her/his supervisor (scanned document).
4. The travel refund is valid only if the student provides all necessary original travel documents (boarding passes, invoices, and proof of payments) not later than August 31, 2015 (date of stamp). If the documents are sent in late, the travel refund grant can be withdrawn.
The deadline for grant applications is May 25, 2015. The documents should be sent to: kramp (at)