The European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School inspires in many ways. Here are some examples.


The China Media Observatory at the Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI) in cooperation with School of Journalism and Communication at Peking University will operate the second edition of the Europe-China Dialogue: Media and Communication Studies Summer School at Peking University in Beijing between July 1st and July 10th, 2015.

The program is open to the full variety of academic work in the field of communication and media studies for young scholars, PhD and graduate students who have strong academic interests*, especially for those with a background in international communication, intercultural communication, Chinese/European media and culture/language studies. The
Summer School aims to bring together researchers from Europe and China to debate contemporary issues in media, communication and cultural studies in Chinese and European media industry.

Inspired from the ECREA Doctoral Summer School, this summer school aims to provide: a highly qualified international setting* where academics from several European countries and China will present and discuss their most recent research; and a highly supportive international setting where student participants can present their current work, receive feedback on their research projects from international experts and meet scholars and academics from other
countries, establishing valuable contacts for the future.

Further information can be accessed here.

UPEC Summer School

The IMPACT course - International Media, Political, Action & Communication Technologies, at the Université Paris-Est Créteil Val de Marne aims at giving to its students a critical perspective on how the internationalization of communication, the sharp increase and speeding up of the production of information, and the unprecedent development of digital media, play a role in the way political action, citizens mobilizations and public debates are now be framed.

More information on the IMPACT course can be accessed here:


ESF Media in Europe Report

The European Science Foundation has published its "ESF Media in Europe Report". On page 44 and 45 the European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School is described as a good practice for doctoral training schools: "While the field is growing fast, research training opportunities are few. Doctoral and postdoctoral training schools have been rare, though effective and valuable when available. The ECREA European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School is a good example (see Box 3)." The report addresses the growing importance of the field of media studies. Therfore, for the European Science Foundation it is important that scientists, policy makers and citizens make sure that it is taken into account the institutional and organizational diversity of the relevant academic disciplines and traditions, but also to acknowledge the diverging needs of a wide variety of stakeholders. The ESF Forward Look “Media studies: new media and new literacies” aims to meet this need by identifying a common, European research agenda and specifying the institutional frameworks that would help advance the organizational cohesion of European media research.The full report can be downloaded here.

Inspired by the ECREA Summer School

ALAICThe first Summer School in Communication Research in Latin America ran from 19 to 25 March 2014. The second one ran from 19 to 27 March 2015. Organised by ALAIC (Associação Latino-Americana de Investigadores da Comunicação), Universidade de Brasília (UnB), and a consortium of universities, it was a tremendous success. The coordinator, Fernando Oliveira Paulino, from the Universidade de Brasília (supported by his colleagues César Bolaño (ALAIC/UFS), Liziane Guazina (UnB) and Fábio Pereira (UnB)) did a wonderful job, setting a new standard in hospitality and professionalism.

Nico Carpentier, the international director of the ECREA Doctoral Summer School, attended this Latin American summer school, as its main approach was inspired by ECREA’s Summer School. Like the ECREA Doctoral Summer School, the Summer School in Communication Research in Latin America uses a student-centred approach, providing ample attention for in-depth discussions and feedback on the student’s research projects.