Lectures at SuSo13


Burcu Sumer Literature review - how to connect your research material to theories
Ilija T. Tomanic Visual framing of news
Maria Heller Fading 12 stars of the EU (discourses and representations)
Heiner Stahl Sound Studies. An introduction into an emerging field in media and communication studies
Bertrand Cabedoche Progress and ambiguities of the reference to Cultural Diversity and to the World Intangible Cultural Heritage by Unesco
Ebba Sundin Media and cultural identity in local, national and global perspectives
Risto Kunelius Theories of power and studying the media
Irena Reifova Communist popular culture – ideological analysis of television serial fiction
Aukse Balcytiene The taste of permanent transformations: Media and communications research in CEE
Hannu Nieminen How to study media policy & regulation: methodological tools and approaches
David Deacon no lecture/workshop
Fausto Colombo Conflicts in the blosphere: analyzing media discourse as a struggle for symbolic hegemony
Michael Bruun Andersen Indexing theory and the limit of mediatisation of politics
Richard Kilborn The art of interviewing
Ole Johan Mjøs How to study the relationship between media and the globalization?
François Heinderyckx Oral presentation skills
Nico Carpentier Lecture: From meta-theory to analysis. A case for discourse theoretical analysis (DTA) // Workshop: Abstract Writing
Rosa Franquet The study of media production: advantages and limitations of the ethnographic method
Anastasia Kavada From transmission to conversation: social media and changing paradigms in media studies
Andra Siibak Creative research methods - opportunities and challenges
Tobias Olsson Producing the Internet: Critical Perspectives of Social Media
Andreas Hepp Cultures of Mediatization: 
Communicative Figurations and the Challenge of Mediatization Research
Friedrich Krotz Current Perspectives of Mediatization Research
Stefanie Averbeck-Lietz Research Ethics