Lectures at SuSo08

Marina Villa Media, politics and public opinion (theory and research in France, Italy, Spain)
Denis McQuail Alternative visions or models of journalistic professionalism
Indrek Treufeldt Celebrating nation's birthday
Ebba Sundin What is news? The young media consumers’ perspectives
Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt Comparing the incomparable: International comparisons workshop
Bart Cammaerts Critiques on the Participatory Potentials of the Blogosphere
Nico Carpentier Identity, contingency and rigidity: The (counter-)hegemonic constructions of the identity of the media professional
Peter Dahlgren Online Cultures and Civic Agency: Modest Hopes for Democracy
Bertrand Cabedoche 'Information and communication: a specific scientific discipline in the analysis of the social role of the producers in media in
Hannu Nieminen European information society policies: critical review
Maren Hartmann Mobile media in (semi-)mobile places
Tobias Olsson WS: Qualitative Interviews
François Heinderyckx On the use of pictures, tables, graphs and slides in presenting research design and results
Manuel Parés i Maicas The political implications of the cultural diversity Convention.
Jens Kjeldsen L: Mediated publics and rhetorical fragmentation
Michael Bruun Andersen Methodological approaches to television news form.
Irena Reifova WS: Communist popular culture – ideological analysis of television serial fiction
Anastasia Kavada Participatory democracy online and offline: The case of the ‘movement for alternative globalization’
Jeffrey Wimmer The multiple meanings of digital games. A workshop on the theoretical as well as on the methodological challenges.
Richard Kilborn WS: Working on texts
Roy Langer Approaches to discourse analysis
Peeter Vihalemm Estonian Transitions and Conditions