Lectures at SuSo11

Risto Kunelius Theories of power and studying the media
Michael Bruun Andersen CNN-effect or index theory? Media coverage of foreign policy issues in small countries: The case of COP 15 in Danish Media
Hannu Nieminen Controversies of the Public Sphere: theories and approaches
Richard Kilborn The art of interviewing
Jens Kjeldsen Researching rhetoric – verbal, visual and multimodal
Ebba Sundin Cultural identity in local, national and global perspectives
Aukse Balcytiene Creative Online Writing
François Heinderyckx Oral presentation skills
Tobias Olsson Applying for Research Funding - Some Tricks of the Trade
Manuel Parés i Maicas Citizenship, Communication and Globalization
Bart Cammaerts Mediation and Resistance: an overview
Bertrand Cabedoche Cultural diversity, media break and ‘organisational desymbolization’ in a global market
Nico Carpentier From meta-theory to analysis. A case for discourse theoretical analysis (DTA)
Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt How to teach interactively in large classrooms
Heiner Stahl Foley Artistry - Wiring acoustic spaces of cinema, television and radio play
Annette Hill Ambiguous Audiences: Documentaries as Truth and Fiction
Maria Heller European identity in formation, emerging Eurosceptic discourses
anthony mcnicholas Media history: interrogating sources
Friedrich Krotz Mediatization theory and research
Fausto Colombo Trust and power. A Foucaultian perspective on trust and interactive media
Burcu Sümer Literature review - how to connect your research material to theories
Jan Jirak How to Present an Academic Topic to Wider Audience: The Popularization of Media Studies
Ilija T. Tomanic Evaluation workshop
Leif Kramp No abstract :(